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Broadcast radio in 2020 and how not to lose the battle for the millennials

Many young people, up to 30, consider radio to be a relic of the past and those who still listen to it as untamed old people who have never mastered the Internet. For the global broadcasting industry, this means one thing: losing a large portion of your audience and therefore losing ratings and profits. What to do to win it? This will require the right management, selection of topics for the programs, and the use of modern technologies to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Next, we will tell you what tools will help.

Effective management from management

Often the problem with the unpopularity of radio is poor management and the inability of management to control actions at all stages of the station’s development in order to make timely adjustments and change direction. Board management software that allows board meetings to solve this problem, and more. The virtual boardroom, popular in the business community, can be used as an online meeting room to test the program, communicate with presenters, record listeners, and more.

Creating programs at a distance

It is not always possible to invite guests to the studio to record the program, as they are often located in other countries and are unable to come. In this case, the board software can help not only in management or discussing economic prospects, but also in recording it. This is a great radio option, as a large number of potential guests do not agree to participate in the programs precisely because it is not convenient for them, especially if the location of the radio station is not convenient for picking. In this way, by using the boardroom software, you have a better chance of attracting cultural representatives who are of interest to the audience and will find it convenient to record time for the program.

Keep archives

More and more young people are paying attention to the vintage and the old, trying not to be like their peers, and why not keep archives for those who will appreciate it in a few years? World digital radio has every chance of gaining status as a rarity, which is why they use portals software by the board of directors as a tool for creating and developing a digital archive of programs. The best thing you can do now is to compare the portals of the board of directors and their suggestions in order to choose the most advantageous and popular option because experts predict that this tool will be popular far beyond the business sphere.

The Board of Directors portal by is one of the best tools for managing workflows and documentation issues, but this does not mean that it is the only way to use it, as it can also be a useful tool for modern radios. With it, you will be able to invite interesting speakers and record programs from a distance, manage a team cobbler, create a digital archive and monitor the activities of the station, and most importantly – attract the attention of the younger generation to your broadcast.

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